Second Achievement

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Second Achievement:

Considering that creating opportunities for the perfection and progress of medical, novel and interdisciplinary sciences in the post-sanction period is a major axis of the innovation and advancement in the medical sciences education system, the Department of Medical Education has decided to implement PA training sessions in order to promote the quality of research and education, as well as the other provided services.

In fact, PA is an informal communicative technique. “Peer” is defined as an individual with similar characteristics to the other members of a certain group in various aspects, including age, social class, education level, gender and occupation. PA refers to a process in which the knowledge and information are exchanged between two groups, thereby altering the attitudes and behaviors. However, the main goal of this process does not encompass the general concept; these educational processes are considered complementary to other activities and services in this regard. One of the main techniques used by the manager of the sessions in this process is brainstorming, through which individuals are free to express their viewpoints and minimize criticism. As a result, the interpersonal relations are enhanced following these sessions.

The Department of Medical Education represents various field, all of which are interdisciplinary, such as medical education, educational technology in medical sciences and holistic education in the healthcare system, which are presented by two in-campus and virtual methods. One of the missions of this educational department is to transfer technologies and capabilities to other officials through research in education with the purpose of identifying their strengths and weaknesses and offering proper solutions in this regard in order to promote education status. To this end, training interventions and research sessions are held monthly at the presence of department deans as the chair of the meeting, as well as the faculty members of the department. These sessions are held on Mondays (every other week), with the agenda adjusted and approved at the beginning of the semester by the professors and sent to the Educational Deputy of the postgraduate department of the School of Medicine. Maximum duration of these sessions is two hours (12:00-14:00).

  Considering that current issues and problems of the departments are often discussed in the routine sessions, the purpose of the PA sessions has mainly focused on the qualitative development of the department. In the meetings of the Education and Research Committee, the time scheduled for the Department of Medical Education is two hours on average, and the only participants are the non-visiting faculty members. The agenda sessions is emailed to the professors one week prior to the meetings, and the department expert is in charge of the sessions, as well as the secretary and coordinator of the agenda.

The most important concept in these sessions is the use of brainstorming method, in addition to the mutual understanding of the members in the meetings and effectual human interactions.   


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